Breaking down and reborn ||2018, we set sail!

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On January 26, 2018, Baolongda will arrive in 2018, and all the family members of Baolongda will gather together for a grand event.

First, admission articles

At the annual meeting, we throw away the OL equipment for commuting, throw away the jeans shoes, and we will shine brightly at the annual meeting!Our etiquette is waiting for everyone at the signature wall early. Lay~

△Signature wall                                                                                                       △Group photo

The warmth is over now - the party officially begins!

Second, the evening articles

To say that the party is of course a wonderful program, the departments have been ready for two months~This year's report is from various departments. Long presentation, it can be said to be very intimate, not much nonsense, let us look at versatileWhat kind of visual feast brought to me by the fascinating Baolongda family:Gather a good time to spend a good month--the supply chain song and dance "Happy Together"; this year is a year of growth, a year of harvest - the quality engineering department chorus "this year" ;passion and innovation - PCP Shadow Dance "Glory of Light"; Lights and Dance - MPD "Small Man Dance";Guitar and Good Music - MPD "After the period"; one second into the summer, this is the enthusiasm for everyone Overflow of Hawaii - HR Executive dance "good time"; perfect combination of comedy and music --SID piece "to find the object of trouble," as well as leaders work together to bring 2017 session of the graduating students finale singing "Tomorrow will be better."

Third, the awards

2018 is the 26th anniversary of the establishment of Baolongda, The company's development is inseparable from the support of the family, thanks to the family's contribution to the company. here, present a small honor and custom medal,willing For 26 years, Iwe are still moving forward together.

△Baolongda Group's outstanding employees in 2017-2018 - thank you for your contribution to the company. △Baolongda Group's outstanding cadres for 2017-2018 - thank you for your support.

△Baolongda Group's fifteen-year loyal employees - with your company, Baolongda will definitely be better tomorrow.!

Fourth, dinner articles

Red wine and food, songs and dances, this is a feast of taste buds and vision. At the beginning of the banquet, Chairman Liu Shaochu shared the blueprint of Baolongda’s youth and future, and the leaders also sent the family New Year's greetings. Of course, in this exciting moment, the draw is also a part of everyone's heart. The dinner has a total of 36 rounds of lottery, the chances of winning are greatly reduced, and our prizes are also very rich: iPhoneX, iPad, Lenovo, Huawei mate... A big wave of prizes is coming, may I ask you to catch it!

I would like to thank the Baolongda family for their hard work in the past year.I wish all your family members good health and good luck. In the long run, this feast also came to a close, let us meet next year~Breaking and Rebirth,In 2018, we will create a better future together!

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