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On the afternoon of July 18, 2017, the relevant leaders of Hefei Government came to Baolongda Shenzhen Headquarters for a visit. The eight members of the delegation include: Director Wen Jinsong of the Hefei Commodity Inspection Bureau, Director Yu Jie, and Chief of Li Fuzhen; Director Xie Xiaogu, He Xing, Chief of the Department of Hefei Customs, and Director of the Hefei Export Processing Zone Management Committee, Chen Shengyu, Director Xu Hong. Mr. Cheng Neng, Vice Chairman of Baolongda Group, together with President Xu Zhihong, Chief Financial Officer Ms. Yang Wei, Deputy Director of Supply Chain Mr. Yan Yongjian, and Mr. Li Xiaoliang from Supply Chain Logistics Department received a warm reception.

At the end of the meeting, Hefei leaders also made the following commitments to the company: First, after the Baolongda business was upgraded, the customer had to meet the emergency needs of the weekend, and the customs appropriately arranged the duty coordination; second, after the implementation of the customs integration reform, the customs, The national inspection will actively respond to the implementation of the "local declaration, port inspection and release" policy, so that enterprises can better feel the policy dividends, saving customs clearance time and costs.

Through this visit, Baolongda once again demonstrated its solid strength and good vision, and won more government support policies for the import and export of the Ministry of Logistics. We firmly believe that the development of Baolongda will be prosperous! Let us work together to create a brilliant future for Baolongda!

At the meeting, Mr. Cheng Neng, the vice chairman of Baolongda Group, first spoke to Hefei leaders about the 26 years of Baolongda Group's ups and downs, and proposed the company's target planning in recent years. Mr. Xie Xiaoou said that Baolongda Group's performance in recent years Every year, the number of goods that need to be imported and exported through customs is also growing rapidly, which is very confident in the future development of Baolongda Group. When talking about the company's development process, Chairman Cheng Neng proudly said, “The company has witnessed the development of Lenovo, a strategic partner. In this, Baolongda provided important support for Lenovo.” In addition, Baolongda paid attention to Taking talents as the foundation of the company, we will introduce excellent management teams from the industry, including introducing the top 10 interns from the top universities in China every year to ensure the sustainable development of Baolongda.

President Xu Zhihong introduced the company's new product incubation and the new introduction of customers Google and Hisense. It is estimated that the company's 17-year sales performance has turned over 16 years year-on-year, and 18 years has turned over 17 years.

In June 2016, through the joint efforts of the logistics department and colleagues from relevant departments of the group, “Hefei Baolongda Information Technology Co., Ltd.” obtained the first batch of “Advanced Certification Enterprise” qualifications after the trial of AEO certification by the Customs, and there are aspects in the import and export clearance of goods. It is obviously convenient. The inspection rate of import and export goods decreased from 1% to 0.5%; AEO mutually recognizes the member states, implements mutual inspection and customs clearance, and resolves once; the customs and national inspections serve as the “customer coordinator” for the enterprise, and realize The problem is to directly find the guest association; open an electronic manual for the bonded business, account books, exempt the account and the deposit. The achievements of Baolongda are inseparable from the cooperation and assistance of the administrative departments of Hefei. The group executives expressed their heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the Hefei delegation.

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