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Talent Concept

We regard people as the company's first capital and the company's most valuable asset. Paying attention to talents and attaching importance to cultivating and developing talents are the reasons for the continuous improvement of our company and the key to the success of our future business.

Company strategic talent pool

The company has continuously improved the talent training system and established the company's strategic talent pool. The four parts of the graduate training program, the reserve cadre training plan, the middle management personnel training plan and the training plan of senior leaders and technical leaders constitute the company's strategic talent pool.

Competitive preference

The company takes the competitive choice as the principle of talent development. Competitive choice is to adhere to the main criteria of selecting, evaluating, and using talents with morality, knowledge, ability, and performance. At the same time, talents who can recognize the company's values can finally enter the company's core talent team.


Remuneration Aad Banefifs

  • Basic salary

    Basic salary

    The company provides employees with basic competitive salary and establishes a comprehensive salary adjustment mechanism;

  • Incentives


    All employees share the company's operating results through performance bonuses. The achievement of performance bonuses depends on the company's overall performance, departmental performance and individual performance.

  • Staff accommodation

    Staff accommodation

    The company is equipped with its own canteen and dormitory for employees to eat and live, and to enjoy accommodation and food subsidies;

  • Living welfare

    Living welfare

    The company has basketball, football, badminton, photography and other associations, and regularly organizes sports events, singing competitions and other topics of various activities or competitions; other departmental activities, annual travel, regular medical examinations, holiday benefits, etc.;

  • Career Development

    Career Development

    The company provides two career development channels for technology and management, and encourages employees to develop their own expertise;

  • Education system

    Education system

    The company adopts a "tutor system" for new employees and a rich dual-track training model for internal and external training. In response to the needs of employees' self-improvement, the company provides a large number of training for employees to help employees continuously learn and improve themselves;

  • Social insurance

    Social insurance

    The company pays five insurances and one gold for employees in strict accordance with state regulations, and purchases commercial insurance for employees;

  • Resolve account

    Resolve account

    The company can settle accounts for employees who meet the conditions for settlement at work;

  • Employee holiday

    Employee holiday

    Five-day and eight-hour work system, legal holidays, holidays in accordance with national policies, and paid holidays, paid marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, breastfeeding leave, sick leave and other related holidays in accordance with the Labor Law;

Social recruitment

How much responsibility a person can bear

How big can you have

Campus Recruiting

How much responsibility a person can bear

How big can you have


  • BIOS engineer

    Bachelor degree or above / more than 2 years / 1 person / full time

    Job responsibilities:

    1. The BIOS technology is in place, familiar with software development process management, good at communicating and coordinating team work.

    2. Familiar with the EDK/EDKII code architecture and framework, familiar with UEFI/PI related specifications.

    3. Familiar with x86 processor and architecture, as well as industry standards such as ACPI, LPC, SMBIOS, UEFI, IPMI, PCI-express.

    4, familiar with a variety of OS: Linux, Windows.

    5, familiar with the UEFI BIOS code architecture, and proficient in BIOS and EC development priorities.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer/electronics, more than 3 years experience in BIOS development.

    2, have a good cooperative attitude and team spirit, and have a passion for work, innovation and responsibility, a sense of responsibility and self-motivation.

    3. Have good learning ability, communication ability, can withstand certain work pressure, strong problem solving ability, and can complete the work of leadership arrangement independently.

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  • SMT technician

    Qualified above / above experience / 5 people / full time

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Debug equipment according to production requirements to ensure normal production;

    2. Basic maintenance and maintenance of the equipment;

    3. Timely processing of abnormal production;

    4. Training and supervision of relevant personnel of the production line;

    5, Siemens SMT machine D series related equipment work experience.

    6. Relevant work experience of MPM/UP2000 printing machine.

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  • hardware engineer

    No work experience / undergraduate / recruit 1 person

    Work Responsibilities:

    1. Participate in product discussion and develop detailed and accurate product specifications;

    2. Complete product design and debugging and solve hardware technical problems in all aspects.


    1. Electronic Engineer (Product Development) graduated in Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology related majors; /span>

    2. More than 2 years experience in PC motherboard, graphics, system, laptop and tablet hardware development.

    3. Have the ability and experience to develop products independently, familiar with Intel&AMD technology platform.

    4. Have a good working attitude and sense of responsibility, strong ability to withstand stress, good communication skills , able to work in teams, always keep a learning and enterprising heart.

    5. Development and design of motherboards, AIOs, desktop systems and tablets.

    6.EDA Software: Cadence Allegro&Campure(OrCAD)

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  • System test engineer

    Shenzhen | 2 years experience | Undergraduate | Recruit some people

    Work Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for project compatibility testing and WHQL testing;

    2. Develop test cases and improve test plans;

    3. Technician's test skills training;

    4. Mass production test project maintenance work, etc.; 5. Responsible for follow-up resolution and verification.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, computer communication or electronics related major;

    2.X86 product testing experience, at least 1 year notebook or tablet evaluation experience;

    3. Familiar with system testing, proficient in using relevant testing tools and testing software;

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  • Linux driver development engineer

    Shenzhen | no work experience | Bachelor | recruit 1 person


    1. Skilled C/C++ development skills;

    2. More than 3 years of Linux driver development experience, with experience and ability to drive from zero development, deep understanding Linux memory management, interrupt handling mechanisms and usage, the concept and use of synchronization mechanisms;

    3. Have basic knowledge of hardware, can use common tools for debugging and analysis in the driver development process;

    4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


    1. Driver development and debugging for Chrome book notebook products;

    2. Driver development and debugging for Android tablet products;

    The OS of both products is based on Linux.

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  • CE

    Shenzhen | No work experience | Recruit some people | 08-10 release


    1. Familiar with the recognition process for electronic materials or component materials.

    2. Familiar with the manufacturing process and development process of electronic chips or components such as main chip, SSD, EMMC, DRAM, adapter, etc., can be based on abnormal phenomena for preliminary analysis and positioning.

    3. Familiar with the audit process and exception handling process.

    4. Good English and strong literacy.

    5. Coordination and communication skills are good, hard-working and able to adapt to work needs to work overtime.

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  • Business analyst

    Shenzhen-Baoan District | No job experience | Undergraduate |

    Job description:

    1. Organize and assist the business department to formulate annual performance plans and annual budgets, and follow up on the implementation of various budgets, analyze pre-real differences and promote the achievement of goals;

    2. Analyze various business data, organize business management meetings and participate in internal meetings of the business department, assist in formulating business decisions and provide decision support information for the leadership;

    3. To undertake various business indicators of the Group, control inventory and accounts receivable, analyze capital turnover and promote improvement, control operational risks of the business division, and improve operational efficiency;

    4. Organize and establish the internal process system, organize and promote the achievement of special work;


    1. Bachelor degree or above, professional background in business administration, financial management or business management;

    2. More than 3 years of business management / cost analysis / IE work experience;

    3. Familiar with the company's internal control process and budget, with business management philosophy;

    4. Good communication skills and strong logic

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  • Signal test engineer

    Shenzhen-Baoan District | No job experience | Undergraduate |

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above;

    2. Have more than 1 year of SI test experience and be able to complete all test projects independently;

    3. Can work hard and have good coordination skills;

    4. English level 4 or above.


    1, responsible for writing reliability test specifications and optimizing test procedures;

    2, writing a new product test plan and test report;

    3, responsible for reliable testing of mobile phone tablets;

    4, responsible for follow-up testing of Issue's solution;

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