"The company grows with you" - the birthday party in February will arrive as scheduled

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[Baolongda, Shenzhen] In order to give employees affirmation and gratitude for their long-term hard work, express the company's human care for employees, promote corporate culture construction, and promote employee awareness and communication, human resourcesSource Department launched a series of birthday party events in 2018 with the theme "The company grows with you." The second birthday will be held on February 28th. More than 30 people will be invited to attend the birthday party in FebruaryShouxingxing, Join in the fourth floor training room. The event set up an opening introduction, sharing cakes, game interactions, and gift delivery.In order to let everyone spend an unusual birthday party, human resources The department carefully planned and carefully prepared, not only for everyone to set up a warm scene, but also prepared a birthday cake for your birthday, nut snacks,Dessert fruit and intimate birthday present.

At 18 o'clock on the afternoon of February 28th, under the laughter of everyone, the birthday party kicked off. First, the host will send a birthday greeting on behalf of the company, and thank all the birthday stars for their contributions to the company. OpeningAfter the special guests gave guitar singing, the atmosphere was warm . Later, the birthday stars who were present introduced themselves one by one, and the whispers of the birthday stars caused a burst of laughter. Everyone also interacted

Next, "joining together" tourplay interactive. The game is grouped by three people. The first player guesses the crust, the second player kicks the dice, the third player shoots the ball, and the shortest group wins. ShouStars are activeParticipation, the whole audience was immersed in a laughter, the rich body movements of the birthday stars made everyone laugh, and the atmosphere was pushed to the climax. The first two teams with the shortest time to get the a beautiful gift.

Then, enter the important part of the birthday party: wish, blow candles, eat cakes, share wishes. In the cheerful happy birthday song, the whole scene was extinguished, the human resources department lit the candle, everyone sang a birthday song,the birthday stars closed their eyes and made a decision. Birthday wishes. While everyone shares the cake, the host has already begun sharing this part – sharing wishes. Every birthday is shareda big or small but all the same wish This year will definitely be achieved! WishingAfterwards, the Human Resources Department sent warm birthday gifts and blessings to the birthday stars, and the group photo was also painted for this birthday partyA perfect period.

Birthday is a day of happiness and happiness. I hope that through this meaningful activity, every Baolongda family can feel the warmth of the company and the care of colleagues and enhance the cohesiveness of the group. The successful holding of this employee birthday party is the beginning of the company's 2018 to strengthen the humane care of employees. In the future, the Human Resources Department will hold more similar activities to let the family of Baolongda happy and happy to grow up in this big family.

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