2018 "From excellent to excellent", the training of fresh graduates came to an end

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[Baolongda, Shenzhen] On August 9, 2018, Baolongda Human Resources Department organized the "2018 session of the freshman project report and graduation ceremony" for a period of more than one The 2018 "from excellent to excellent" of the month's graduates concentrated trainingThe training ended successfully. From July 4th to August 9th, this series of intensive training includes internal training, factory internships, and outreach activities, which are intended to help freshmen complete the transition from school to entrepreneurial society.Solve the company's development goals and product business situation, strengthen team cohesion and integration, and initially complete career positioning.

△2018 Graduates

First, the ice-breaking series activities - from strange to familiar, the power of the team

On July 4th, 21 freshmen arrived in Shenzhen Baolongda. In order to eliminate the strangeness of the new environment and enhance their sense of belonging to the company, the Human Resources Department planned a series of icebreaking activities. The colorful and personal introduction and sharing of personal characteristics is the first step they are familiar with. At that time, they have two guesses about each other's first impressions, but everyone still seriously writes (painting)Under the "eyes of him"; the quality of the Rose Coast is expanding, even in the rainy weather, everyone is full of energy, building an ice-breaking group , Da Vinci password, trust back, tug-of-war, inspirational...competition and collaboration, games and summaries, this is more than one The game, but a reflection on the transformation of the team and the role; the playground of the University City has assembled a group of freshmen who have already played together, after intense Competition, the second group won the five-kilometer relay running the crown!

△Quality development of fresh graduates △University town night run

Second, the company's internal training——Products, workplace skills... you want to know, we are all ready

In order to let the freshmen learn more about the company and adapt to the workplace, a series of colorful courses have been launched. In addition to the basic company induction training, the Human Resources Department invited MPC-product project director Li Chongfeng, PCP product deputy director Xue Chengyou, and the planning department manager Zhang Yongfeng and other 9 lecturers from the group division, products, hardware basics, finance System, IT, business etiquette, high efficiencyExecutive power and other aspects of sharing, multi-view. John, the president of the information technology business module, also shared his experiences and suggestions - "learning" and "broadening goodwill", I believe everyone all have a good harvest.

△John, President of the Information Technology Business Module, shares his experience with you. △Xue Chengyou, deputy director of PCP-products department, and Li Chongfeng, MPD-product project director, introduced the two business divisions to you.

Third, factory internship——Practice is the only standard for testing theory

In order to let everyone know more about the company's products, in addition to classroom theory learning, the company also set up a technical practical course. After theoretical training, they came to the production workshop and started their production line internship. The difficulties encountered during the internship process have been overcome by everyone. I believe that after this valuable experience, the freshmen have their own gains.

△Factory internship

Fourth, the graduation ceremony——Project reporting, mentor exchange

When entering the workplace, the freshmen may worry about the role transition from the students to the professionals. The Human Resources Department has organized project reports on related issues and brought a "brainstorm" with everyone. Small, video, melodrama, cool PPT... The project’s report, the wonderful work of the four groups It is far beyond our expectations. At the same time, they also submitted their own satisfactory answers for the doubts that they entered the workplace. The instructors also gave suggestions and affirmations to the students. The completion of the completion certificate for each fresh graduate, the centralized training is over, but the job training has just begun. Bollongda believes that the future belongs to young people. They need a good faith real, passionate and innovative mind; they also need a willingness to guide young people and The platform of opportunity. And we believe that Baolongda is such a platform. For the freshman who arrived in Baolongda, the phaseThe letter has been initially adapted to the workplace through this series of training, in the next < /span>In the internship process, please also ask the Baolongda family to give more guidance and make progress together!

△Closing ceremony

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