Lenovo Wang Liping: Deeply tapping customers' pain points to provide a source of innovation for prod

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Become the leader of the global PC market, acquire the IBM X86 server business, acquire Motorola Mobility... These are the answers that Lenovo handed over to users last year. This series of actions also makes Lenovo Was pushed to the cusp of the cusp, everyone is concerned about what Lenovo's next "big move" will be.

Lenovo recently held a "big customer PC business seminar", and Wang Liping, general manager of PC product marketing of Lenovo Group's major customer division in China, communicated with reporters after the meeting. The latest news and future development plans of Lenovo's major customers' desktop products also answered the questions raised by the reporters.

CAC: Building a bridge to communicate with customers

The Lenovo Customer Advisory Council (CAC) is Lenovo's customer demand feedback mechanism established around the world. It hopes to provide continuous innovation sources for Lenovo products through discussions with customers. .

Wang Liping said that through the form of CAC, a completed process was formed. First, Lenovo will look at future product trends and current key products according to the product line, and further communicate with customers. Each quarter will have a focus; then, please target customers to join CAC to share ideas and have deeper communication with customers; finally, according to customers The feedback is summarized to summarize which products are more valuable and feedback to the product department.

It is understood that Lenovo China has held 15 meetings in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities since its first CAC in January 2011. Wang Liping said that the Chinese market is very large, and the customer needs in different regions are not the same, so Lenovo will choose different cities to hold CAC, hoping to hear different voices from customers.

Lenovo is the pioneer of miniaturization

Smallization is a market trend led by Lenovo. Wang Lijun repeatedly emphasized at the meeting.

Small Q is a product launched by Lenovo last year. It currently has a market share of 30% in North America. It is only one liter in size, in terms of energy saving, scalability, heat dissipation, etc. The aspects have a good performance and have been loved by more and more users.

Small Q can withstand the "catch" of ice and fire, and the small Q is placed in the freezer and oven, and it can work normally.

Standing on PC positions

According to data released by Gartner, global PC shipments for the full year of 2013 were only 315.9 million units, down 10% from the same period of the previous year, creating the largest decline in history. In fact, as of the fourth quarter of 2013, global PC sales declined for the seventh consecutive quarter.

In this case, Lenovo has gone against the trend and became the leader of the global PC market last year.

When Wang Liping accepted the CNET interview, Lenovo still maintained a clear strategy, first of all, the product innovation ability, followed by a clear business strategy, and finally a strong execution capability. In the past two quarters, Lenovo's major customer market has grown. He believes that the customer demand in the commercial PC market is relatively stable. Many commercial customers still use notebooks to work, and desktops are more stable. Lenovo also has an excellent product portfolio in the industry. Excellent and personalized products ensure Lenovo's market share. At the same time, the sales team and channel team ensure that Lenovo still has good performance in the PC environment. And Lenovo will also strengthen its layout in the field of commercial tablets. Lenovo will also pay attention to Windows8 tablets this year to ensure its leading position in the market.

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