At the Microsoft conference, I mentioned the numbers you don’t know.

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At 10 am on October 6th, US Eastern Time, Microsoft held a new product launch in New York. Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group, first made a speech and reviewed Microsoft's past performance in product operations by listing a series of figures.

At the Microsoft conference, I mentioned the numbers you don't know:

Windows 10 is officially launched in just 10 weeks, and there are currently 110 million devices running the Windows 10 operating system worldwide.;

The number of web pages opened through Microsoft Edge has reached 650 billion;

Global users ask Cortana's number of questions has reached 1 billion;

More than 8 million commercial PCs worldwide have been upgraded to Windows 10;

Surface business revenue reached $3.5 billion;

Developer’s revenue increased 4x after launching Windows 10;

In the past 10 weeks, the Windows Store has seen more than 1.25 billion visits;

The total duration of Xbox One streaming games has reached 120 years.;

Since Satya Nadella became the new CEO of Microsoft in February last year, he has introduced new initiatives such as Windows 10, a general-purpose system that supports mobile phones, tablets, PCs and wearables, enabling mobile phones, tablets, PCs and wearables. Universal, this is seen as the first step toward implementing One Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft plans to develop 1 billion Windows 10 users within two years; announced that Andorid, Java programs can convert Microsoft Universal App, facilitate the rapid transfer of Android App and iOS App to Windows 10 systems; reorganize the mobile hardware business unit.

However, looking at Microsoft's revenue-related data for the past three years, its operating profit has fallen from $267.6 billion in FY2013 to $181.6 billion in 2015. This also reflects the fact that the Windows operating system and Office office software are not as before. So profitable. On this point, from the products launched at Microsoft's press conference yesterday, it can be seen that Microsoft is no longer at the software level, and instead seeks new profit points from hardware products around the user's family life, mobile office, sports health and other directions. .

After Microsoft released a new product, Satya Nadella made a concluding speech and introduced the convenience of the new device equipped with Windows 10 system for the user's work and life. This shows to some extent that Microsoft has high hopes for Windows 10. At the end of September this year, Microsoft announced a partnership with Baidu to set Baidu as the default home page and search engine for Windows 10 browser Microsoft Edge, while Baidu will provide an update download for Windows 10. As a result, Microsoft's development of 1 billion Windows 10 users in two years may still be a "relatively easy" goal.

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